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Areas of training

"Computer Science and Engineering;

Direction of training:

050102 "Computer Engineering"


6.050102, 7.050102, 8.050102 "Computer systems and networks;

The object of the specialists in this profession, there are technical (hardware) tools and system software of computer systems and networks for different purposes. Upon completion of training graduate was qualified according to levels: Bachelor of Information Technology, Computer Systems Engineer. Basic knowledge and skills of engineers specializing constitute fundamental disciplines.

Special knowledge students gain in the study subjects:

- Programming;

- System programming;

- Programming Real-Time Systems;

- Information Theory and Coding;

- Basics of signals;

- Computer Networks;

- The systems and data networks;

- Networks of information technology;

- A global computer network;

- Protection of information in computer systems;

- Design of computer systems and networks;

- Operating Systems;

- System software;

- Computer Electronics;

- Computer circuit technology;

- Architecture PC

- Parallel and distributed computer systems and computing;

- Computer graphics;

- Basics of designing in AutoCAD;

- Web-design;

- The organization of the database and others.

Graduates may hold primary positions:

• Engineer in Computer Systems;

• Software Engineer computers;

• Engineer on the use of computers;

• Engineer for operation and maintenance;

• Engineering management and maintenance systems;

• Designer telecommunications.

Students of all disciplines who are producing departments, study the following major professional disciplines.

During the training process, students acquire the skills programming in Visual C + +, Java, Php, and work in programming environments controllers MPLAB, SR1131, and others. In the disciplines provided the basics with elements of computer graphics, the file system, registry, operating system, network and web-applications, micro-controllers, system and user processes and threads. Practiced at the Department of the transition to an individual learning plan with a choice of direction for the design and development of software products. With individual training student can consolidate the knowledge already studied programming languages, software development to improve their skills and get acquainted with the specialized language and environment for working with industrial controllers and web-applications. Individual training plan is implemented as a part in the development of real projects. Graduates of the department have a basic training for system programmers, web-programmers, software developers, operating systems, and industrial control systems. (Who learned to program - always a good salary).

Areas of training Department of ACS

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