Dnipro University of Technology — Compliance with the Time

Co-operates with Reutlingen University on creation of virtual laboratories
Students have the opportunity to be trained on the equipment, which is located in the laboratories of Reutlingen University. Thus a control of equipment is carried out over the internet from the computer classes of department of ACS

The teachers of department developed and inculcated computer control system by the conveyor transport of coal mines and mineries
Every year two graduate students, teachers or students, study (worked on probation) with professor G. Gruler.Control system by position of ball on a wheel


A department co-operates with a business-firm SV «Altera», which put a modern equipment in a laboratory for automation of thermal objects.
Field of study:

  • 050102 Computer Engineering

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    A student gets practical skills on a design, adjusting and research of modern computer control system.

    Department of ACS

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