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Professor Viktor Tkachev

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Head of the Department of Automation and Computer Systems National Mining University, Doctor of Engineering, Professor Viktor Tkachev

Tkachev V.V. graduated from Dnipropetrovsk Mining Institute (presently - the National Mining University) in Automation and Remote Control in 1967. Since 1967 he has worked at DMI as an engineer, an assistant, and after the achieving of Ph.D. degree (1972) as an associate professor at the department of Production Processes Automation. Since 1988 he has been a head of the Department of production processes automation (presently - automation and computer systems). In 1995 he defended his doctoral thesis.

Scientific activities of V.V. Tkachov are aimed at developing of automation modern means and computer aided automated control processes of mining. Lecturers of the department have designed and implemented advanced devices for automation conveyor transport by mining companies. Their mass production was mastered and they were implemented by mining companies in Ukraine and Russia.

Under the guidence of V.V. Tkachev many dissertations for Candidate and Doctor of Technical Sciences were prepared and defended. He supervises scientific work of graduate students. Tkachev V.V. is also the author of over 200 paper-based publications. During the last five years three manuals in the state language labeled with The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine were co-written and published. In 2007-2009 another three monographs and two student workbooks for discipline Microprocessor Systems and Software Control Systems were published. The textbook "Microprocessor systems" with the stamp of The Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine was prepared for publication together with professors from Germany G.Gruhler and N.Neuberger.

Tkachev V.V. is a member of the specialized scientific council on doctoral and master's theses, member of Expert Council of Higher Certifying Commission of Ukraine, member of the advisory council of the State Accreditation Committee of Ukraine.

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